we are called to serve

It's been 10 years when we became friends. And now we are all done with residency/fellowship and ready to continue our calling.

I decided to stay and practice where I trained. My vocation is to clothe the naked and feed the hungry (aka my three piglets) and also work as a child neurologist in town.

My friends, on the other hand, accepted God's plan for them.
Follow me and take up your cross and move across the country.
Follow me and proclaim the Good news and move to another continent.

I want to highlight my friend (we will keep her name off the blog to protect her privacy). I wish I have her courage and strength. She is called to serve in Africa. It is her lifelong dream. She is leaving for the medical missions this fall. Please keep her in your prayers.

If you are compelled to contribute to my friend's cause, please drop me an email. my email address is: sarahisisdelima{at}alumni{dot}iu{dot}edu and I can give you more information that way. She has her info on the mission's website. I just want to keep it off of the blog to keep her safe.

Mission work requires your support, prayers and donations.
Thank you!

Keep in touch

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