blue + jakarta wedge {wiws}

I got this dress last summer {!!!} I was still pregnant with Sebastian. Call me crazy, but I was imagining all the dresses I can wear postpartum.

Dresses are tricky postpartum especially since I'm nursing. And the inevitable increase in cup size pushed my plan to wear this last year, maybe with a Cardi and leggings.

I waited and waited to loose some of the chest and belly postpartum fat but the weighing scale is not cooperating. (I blame summer cravings, aka ice cream)

So yesterday, I tried it on. It's a lil tight but hey, I can make it work! I wore a short sleeve Cardi to make it more appropriate for church.

I love the revealing back ~ again not so appropriate for church or work. But I can see myself covering my back with a flowy Cardi and white coat. Then add leggings for extra coverage.

I love my new pair of wedge sandals. So so cute! And I love the extra 5 inches it gave me.

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