Maxi dress + peonies {wiws}

Happy 29th birthday (3rd time around) to me!

Do not get me wrong... there is nothing bad about turning 30 or past 30. It's just funny that my sister greeted me with above greeting this morning.

Maxi dress ~ old navy, thrifted // pearls ~ Kaitlin's shop // shades ~ Isaac Mizrahi // espadrilles ~ coconuts via zulily // purse ~ Burberry

My outfit this Sunday is proof of my online shopping. Except for the purse which I purchased stepping into a physical burberry store in Chicago.

This is quick and sweet.

I will be posting more from my birthday weekend later this week.

kisses, friends.

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  1. That is a fantastic dress! You look wonderful.

    1. Hi Jess - thanks for visiting. I hope you signed up to receive f/u comments.... I could not find your email but I want to thank you for visiting!
      nice to e-meet you! ;)

  2. Happy Birthday! You look great, and those flowers are so pretty!

  3. Happy birthday, beautiful Doctor lady! . . . . I"m coming up on my--let's see--my FOURTH 29th birthday. ;-)

  4. Did I just find a blogger who shares my birthday??!! Aaahhh! Happy birthday!

    I love your necklace!


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