Pinch me.... {Wiws vol 17}

Happy St. Patty's weekend!

I wasn't feeling the green clothes today. But to save my body from some pinching, I wore this bracelet and pair of earrings {both gifts from my mom 2 Christmases ago}.

So why pinch those not decked out in green?
Thanks to trusty Google, here's what I found:
Wearing green on St. Patrick's Day is a tradition that started in the 17th century, when green ribbons and shamrocks were worn to celebrate Ireland's patron saint. The tradition was popularized by Irish immigrants in the United States, who believed that wearing green made you invisible to leprechauns, fairy creatures who would pinch anyone they could see. Pinching those who didn't wear green was meant to remind them that leprechauns could sneak up at any time. Still, only around half of Americans choose to deck themselves out in green for the holiday -- from bhg.com

Ootd: black, blue and green.
Sweater dress: ON
Belt: also old navy
Boots -not shown: Aldo's {very old}
Seashells Bracelet: from my mom
Green earrings also from my mom

Close up of the bracelet. I love it!

Also had brunch with Isabel's godMom.

Happy Sunday!
Joining Emily and Kendra and Rubi of Lily among thorns!
Check out some lovely {maybe green} ensembles!


  1. You look great, Sarah. I like the belt above your (still tiny) belly. And your kids are darling, as usual.

  2. Looking lovely and that wrist bling rocks!

  3. You look great! That bracelet is amazing!!

  4. Anonymous3/17/2013

    Beautiful! Love the blue :) God bless!

  5. Anonymous3/18/2013

    You look adorable. Love the stripes.


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