7 quick takes vol 21

We are battling gastroenteritis at home right now. I don't want a repeat of Superbowl 2011. I have never been so sick with nausea, vomiting, and yucky diarrhea until my firstborn infected me. No repeats, I pray. Let's keep it to the youngest family member.

Snow in March?
Oh yes.
But there's a warm up this weekend. Yay!

Have you seen my Liebster entry? Find out 11 things about me and my answers to Erika's 11 questions.

One of my new faves: listening to the Ludwig van Beethoven pandora station right before going to bed. I'm a fan of his creations and wild hair.
Check out this video -- wish I could play like this again.
Throw in some Chopin there and I'm all set for a peaceful night. Until Isabel wakes me up at 4a.

We just celebrated the half way point of our Lenten journey (yesterday) and we are nearing the 4th Sunday of Lent.
I'm thankful for penance services here at our deanery. I haven't been as contemplative as I've hoped to be this Lent. Hopefully preparing for this weekend will bring me closer to my goal this second half.
Sharing a nice page to start. and this too. I start today! Ill have a long list by Sunday for sure!

Daniel (my co-driver) says:
Go. Go, go mummy. It's still green!
(Such perfect visual acuity. We are still 2ish blocks from the light with 10 or so cars ahead of us! Of course light turned red by the time we got near the intersection)

Why are we stopping?
Because there's a stop sign. We gotta take turns.

Momma you're slow.
Hunny there's cars in front of us. Can't go anywhere.

Picture I'm sharing.

She doesn't look sick at all.

Go see Jen for MORE 7qt Friday!!!

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  1. Anonymous3/08/2013

    I hope you all get better soon!


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