7 quick takes vol 20

Joining Jen and rest of blogger world for another edition of 7qt

Thanks pope BXVI.
This made me cry.
And this made me wish we are in Roma.

Praying for a peaceful conclave. May our cardinals be filled of the Holy Spirit as they search for our next shepherd.

I'm contemplating wearing a veil to church. But like Jen, I'm a bit nervous to attract attention... But check out jiza, she's been wearing a chapel veil for awhile.
I searched amazon for chapel veils and did not like any of them. Most are (no wonder) wedding veils. Where could I get one? Without physically going to a catholic store? Unless y'all recommend I get my veil in a store. Any online instructions about veils etc? I've seen a couple of ladies at our 5:30p Mass with bandanna/headband type of veil... One with a simple lace dolly... I really like Jen's pick!

I finally finished season 2 of Downton Abbey. Huh?
--- I'm late hitching a ride on the bandwagon
--- I borrowed DVDs from my friend this summer
--- It took me months to get over the fact that Matthew became a paraplegic!
And guess what --- season 3, I heard they killed Matthew!!! How long is it gonna take me to get over that? I'm not surprised if >>3-6 months! {or maybe I'm being overly dramatic}
I'm definitely ready to watch season 3:

Oh. Lilies as Mary's bouquet. Just like this bride:

I wanna bring the kiddos to see this
Daniel has been asking so very patiently to buy tickets so we could visit the geckos... Something fun to do this weekend!

Prayer request 1: I'm taking my last resident in training exam today, Friday. If you're reading this, pls drop a quick prayer.
St. Luke and St. Gianna, I appreciate amazing intercessory prayers today.

Prayer request: a friend of a friend of mine is fighting cancer. Please pray for her. She's maybe just 2 years older than me. Still so young.


Picture(s) I'm sharing:

How cute is this?!

Above: not so cute.... The requirements said all-natural for the picture. But oh-my, belle is a Lil bit too natural... Wild hair!

Happy Friday y'all!

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  1. I really must start watching Downton Abbey!!

    I nominated you for a Liebster here: http://erikamarieh.blogspot.com/2013/03/liebster-award-random-facts-about-moi.html

    Have a great weekend!


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