7 quick takes vol 23

It's Friday = 7qt with Jen.

Woe to the cold winter days.
It's not even winter anymore. We have officially celebrated the vernal equinox -- which means spring is here! Oh. Really.
Grace hates the cold. I hate it more. I'm a warm blooded girl born in the tropics. Please oh please let the 28F windy days gooooo away. It puts me in the bad mood and I'm sorry to say I take it out on the kids when I buckle them in their carseats. Well, it's my fault anyway for wearing a skirt when it's this windy. Tights, knee high boots and long puffer coat do not block the wind when my knee and an inch or two of my leg are exposed!

This is when a blog really helps. I can vent about this big man who was not happy with my parking skillzzzz.
From a block away I saw the closest empty slot. Usually I don't mind the walk but it's a blistery day in Indy. {see quick take#1}
So I park.
Then I heard a Va-room from a car next to me. You know that sound they make when they taunt each other in drag racing. I look over and saw a man next to me. In his red car.
I ignore him. The sound couldn't possibly be directed at me.
Or so I thought.
On my side mirror I see the red car backed up on another spot behind us. Pretty much.
That's when I knew the va-room was directed at me.
Next I realized I parked an inch next to the white line. Of course my deductive skillzzzz figured out the problem. Or his problem.
I was one of those women who drives a big truck and can't drive. That's what he thinks of course. I got out of my truck {not really a truck but I call my full-sized SUV a truck!} and he shouted at me: "I don't want my car getting dinged. You parked really close."
And my mouth just said: "oh yeah"
He mocked me and repeated: "oh yeah?!"
So now in his mind, I'm one of those women who can't drive and is stupid too.
I got the kids out of the truck. Daniel kept asking: "who's that guy? What's he sayin'?" Over and over. Really loudly too.
I finally covered his mouth and said: "that guy is mad. Stop asking ques. He will hear you."
The big man didn't say anything anymore after that. He was several paces in front of us. We didn't ride the elevator with him. He was already on the public computer when we arrived inside the library lobby.
He acted like I already dinged his car. His red car with a black bra on the grillzzz. I don't think that's even the right term but an ex-boyfriend called those black covers 'bras'.
Thank goodness! My children probably saved me from being gunned down due to my parking skillzzzz.

On a happier note. I got to see the replay of our Pope's inauguration Mass. Thank you EWTN for replaying the broadcast.
A few things that moved me:
--- the pope riding his pope mobile making all those stops to kiss and greet the crowd
--- pope praying in front of St. Peter's tomb
--- the choir singing the Gloria
--- the young cantor who led the responsorial psalm
--- of course the Pope's homily
--- the prayer of the Faithful in several languages {cool}
--- the hymns!
--- everything

Ever think your parents were superheroes when you were young?
My son thinks I am!!!
Meet the lady I was named after. Yes the all-powerful, mighty goddess! Best of all: I'm a TV personality!

My mom saw this show in the 70s and vowed to name her child after this goddess.
Fast forward 7 years: Born and named Sarah Isis!

And I'm a cool action figure! How awesome! Saw this at the children's museum. Coolio

March madness.
I'm infected by this virus! The B-ball virus invading the nation. The Hoosiers actually stand chance. And even Potus has the Hoosiers winning the championship!

I've been at work for two lock-downs in the past 6 months. It's scary stuff. I thought I was gonna have a panic attack.
First: Chemical spill. This past week: another threat on campus.
All I could think of was this face:

And this:

And of course this:

And I did come home. Safe and sound. Thank you Lord.

Picture I'm sharing:
She's a superhero like her mummy:

"Don't mess with me. I'm not in the mood."

Happy Friday y'all!

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