Five Favorites (Food edition)

I am quite picky with my food when I am nauseous. I usually eat lean meats and salads. I can minimize the carb intake (I am Asian, we eat a lot of rice!)
But all my strength and reserve always go down the drain when I am pregnant.

So I have to find yummy nutritious meals that won't make my stomach churn or my bottom too big.

I am super crazy for this Greek Yogurt! When my friend (Isabel's GodMom) introduced me to Fage, I know there was no going back. I love the Greek yogurt with honey.

There was a super sale at our grocery this past weekend and all the yogurt with honey were gone! So I decided to mix my own. I bought this (from France!) and added to a regular Fage yogurt and I AM IN LOVE.

This one's not for everybody.
Amazing enough with my super sniffer (which cannot tolerate stir-fry or slow-cooker meals) I can tolerate TUNA! But it has to be the herb and garlic version though. The pouch used to hold 2.5 servings. Now it's only 1 serving. Honestly that's not enough for me. (the bigger version was a bit much) I want something in the middle....

My go-to beverage (water) leaves a metallic taste on my mouth when I am pregnant. I end up not drinking as much so I get lightheaded and orthostatic. So I give in and drink "empty calories". If I have to find something --- it's definitely this:

This is my favorite fruit. Whether I am pregnant or not: I love mango. My number 1 favorite is the soft Manila mango type. They are close enough to the ataulfo type. Soft, juicy oh-so-yummy. I like the crunchy ones second.

Ataulfo below. Tommy Atkins (crunchier ones) top.
My loot from Costco.

And to get rid of the weird after-taste of my meals during pregnancy, I found this!
I have tried the blueberry, goji and pomegranate. I love them all!
I just need 3-4 of those dark chocolate circles and I am good to go. I won't have the sugar high headache either.

Head over to Hallie's for more!

Happy mid-week y'all!

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  1. Mangoes are so good. We buy 'em in bulk from Costco too. I was never much of a yogurt person until I tried the Greek kind!


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