7 quick takes vol 22

Another edition of 7quick takes Friday with Jen!

I love the reminder Katie set up on her iPhone so she'd pray for the cardinals. But oh my -- was that the quickest conclave ever???? I didn't even get a chance to place the pict on my lock screen.
Nevertheless, I'm thrilled for our new Pope! And Francis too. What a cool name. My great grandma was Francisca named after St. Francis. And so's my Isabel who is {also a} Francesca after her great great grandma and grandpa who are both named after St. Francis of Assisi.

This article from a catholic mom and pediatrician is just amazing. I'm a proponent of breast feeding and bonding with baby.

Again back to the Pope: I'm so bummed I was not glued to the tube with CNN or MSN when the news broke out. {I was actually working on my project --- only time I could do it at work and away from the kids}
So I closed my file, pulled the external drive and logged out of my email and voila!!! breaking news! Pope Francis and this photo:

I was: who is this man? Thanks to twitter I quickly figured who and where he is from! My twitter feed was very much Catholic. I agree with Jiza it was an awesome feeling.
I listened to EWTN and Al Kresta on my way home. And since I don't have the kids yesterday --- I was on my iPad researching the Net all about our new Pope.
Thanks dwija -- your link was so helpful on twitter. I found out he only has one lung. {of course I was amazed of his humility riding the bus and subway in buenos aires even as an archbishop --- but anything medical related is pretty cool fact for me too!}

Even my hubby who listens to sports radio (all day if he can!) had his tuner set on EWTN. He's excited along with the other 1.2 Billion Catholics!
I certainly am.
Which is pretty amazing. How can I be so light hearted, thrilled, happy etc for a person I've never laid eyes on before and just accept him as the leader of Christ's Church. Well. I thank the Holy Spirit for that. For giving me an accepting heart. I wanna see this holy man in person.

Why do I blog?
I've always journaled when I was young. Kept a prayer journal on and off. I'm not a good writer. I just love to write. And every now and then my mother reads my entries. {I know she mainly wants to see the grand kids Picts. No offense taken Mamey}
Wait till she sees I published 4 posts {oh wait 5! if you count the big reveal!) about my belly bump.

Prayer request:
For my sister and her family. She went through tough times last summer and fall. She has 2 babies in heaven. A niece or nephew would have been full term this week.....

Picture I'm sharing. They have their daddy's smile.

No matter how tough the work day has been --- coming home to this is the sweetest. Thank you Lord for letting me be a momma.

Happy Friday y'all!


  1. 4: I feel the same way!
    6: praying!
    7: so sweet!

  2. I agree- it was so cool having so much "Catholic chatter" on the social media sites. And I did not know that about the one lung!


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