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Pampanga has a monastery for our sisters of Poor Clares. I remember visiting our cloistered nuns bringing them "eggs". I don't really know why we brought them eggs I was young, I did not ask why. Because my grandmother had chickens? Because eggs are good source of protein?

So I did a little research while writing this post (thanks google!). The tradition of offering eggs in exchange for prayers dates  back to medieval times. Clara (Spanish version of Clare) means clear. I guess in essence clear as the egg whites. I was partly right, eggs were offered for our sisters food. Couples offer eggs asking for "clear" weather for their wedding day, examinees ask to pass their boards, etc etc

So little me, with my grandmom and aunt visited our Poor Clares. Our sisters only show their faces to the public once a year -- on Christmas Day. We gave them our egg offering and asked for their intercession. My last trip to the monastery was before our US Embassy appointment. I asked that our papers be approved so that my sister and I can move to the US and be with our mom. As a keepsake, the sister we met (saw her face instead of just the window and her hand!) gave me a rosary she and the other Poor Clares made. I still have that rosary which I keep in my car.

Our prayers were answered! Thanks be to God and through the intercession of St. Clare! A few months later, the US consulate approved our papers and we were on our way across the globe to be with our mom!

St Clare has been my patron saint since childhood. The most exciting part of my pilgrimage to Italy (after seeing the Pope!) was visiting Basilica di Santa Chiara (Italian for Clare) in Assisi, Italy. I am so lucky to have visited the church that houses her tomb. I was like a child on Christmas day filled with excitement and giddiness as I saw the pink facade of the church. Pink and white Assisian stones were used. How appropriate you would say, that my favorite color is pink!

When I was young, I dreamt of being a nun and joining the Poor Clares. Obviously my calling led me to family life. Still I keep St. Clare close to my heart, keeping her as my patron saint and celebrating her feastday.

My beautiful cousin Kiara is named after St. Clare. I am saving the name "Clare" for my other daughter -- if the Lord almighty blesses me with more children in the future! It will be wonderful to share this feastday with my daughter....

picture of the basilica from http://www.assisionline.com/

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