My --{place an adjective}-- work bag

Tell me what you think about my workbag. I bought it before Isabel was born. When I was pregnant with her, I have (1) a work bag, (2) lunch bag, (3) neuro doctor bag. Since I will be pumping again when I go back to work, I will have (4) a breast pump bag to carry. So I decided to buy the biggest ever tote made by Vera Bradley: the "get carried away tote". Oh yeah I got carried away. It's HUGE!

I have been asking Derrick if people at work will laugh or make fun of me bec of my BIG bag. I decided to consolidate my bags into ONE HUMONGOUS one.

Here's a pict with Isabel for full effect -- the tote is wider than me and Isabel combined!

I can put a lot of stuff inside! Folders and books for work, my umbrella, water bottle and coffee cup and of course pump parts! my lunch bag can also fit in there!

So when asked: why such a big bag?
Derrick says I should answer: I have my baby in there!
My friend Sheila says: I have my breast pump, breast milk and baby in there!

What do you think? Am I crazy for using such a big bag? What should I tell people giving me weird looks as I pass by?

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