7 quick takes Vol 1

7 quick takes sm1 Your 7 Quick Takes Toolkit!

1. Daniel loves HOODIES. He has been wearing them with his hood up. So, so cute!

2. Isabel's first week in school: She only went 2 half days. Baby and I did well since we were only separated 4-5 hrs per day. It's a different ball game when it will be 24-30 hrs apart. My first hospital call is in a week. Since I'm anxious, this verse comes to mind: Philippians 4:6-7 which starts like this "have no anxiety about anything...."

3. Plugged duct again! I saw my family doctor, finally called my OB, called the Lactation consultants (again for the 6th time) and met with them to review the basics. I am currently on antibiotics to finally, hopefully resolve this issue. Praise God for a normal Ultrasound!

4. Super Bowl village -- the entire Delima family went. It was such a warm, nice day in Indy (temps hit the 60s!)

5. Komen stops funding Planned Parenthood announced earlier this week. However, before the work week ended, the big advocacy group did a 180 on their decision.
6. Vera get carried away tote -- Fail!!!! I went to work for half a day last Tues and the bag was too heavy. I needed to disperse the weight so I got myself a hot pink backpack as my pump bag.The rest of my stuff can be placed in my not-as-big VERA tote.

7. Super excited for a super weekend for the Super Bowl!

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