Date nights and get-aways

So how important is date night for married couples?

Derrick and I prebabies had our date night every Friday night. I was a busy med student then so we made sure we had time just the two of us. We started this habit early on, so it becomes a habit when we are busy running around with children (yup, that's me planning ahead!) Then post-baby, we were more realistic: we made sure we go out once a month. One thing we told ourselves to do is going away for our anniversary EVERY YEAR. We got this idea from our marriage sponsors (marriage godparents).Going away for us refreshes and renews us. It also shows where our priorities are. Some couples may not afford going away for a weekend anniversary. So a solution: make it an even SPECIAL date night. How about for those who cannot even afford to go on a date? well, just be creative! why not ask family or friends to babysit the kids (let the kids spend the night with them ) and celebrate anniversary night at home!

Priorities -- yes you bet my relationship with my spouse should be my number one priority. That's one lesson I learned from our pre-marriage retreat. Imagine a clothesline: the husband and wife are the end sticks and the bond between them is the line. The children are the "clothes" that hang on the clothesline. This clothesline or bond needs to be strong because the children thrive and depend on the love between their parents.

Our children need immediate attention so we give them that. But I (pray to) always remember that immediate/emergency things are not always the most important. Derrick is the most important person for me. I make my relationship with him my priority.

So how are we doing with our date nights after Isabel is born? We haven't been out just the two of us and she is already 2 months old. But we have one planned for tomorrow --- oh I am excited! Lolo and Lola are babysitting and we are going to our favorite Italian restaurant just a few miles from our house. With Daniel, it took us (or me mostly) 6 weeks to finally leave the house without the baby. I have been away twice now (to see the dentist!) without Isabel but it was not with Derrick. Derrick and I have taken isabel on our lunch or brunch dates. She sleeps through the entire meal (lucky us!) The grandparents also kept Daniel several Friday nights -- so even though we have a new baby to take care of, Derrick and I were able to rent movies and spend time just the two of us (in between changing diapers and nursing Isabel!)

As for our anniversary get-away, we were lucky to go places every single year. Blessed that we have family to watch our children and opportunities to drive out of town. This year (just like when Daniel was less than a year old), we will have to stay close to home. And maybe just one night away from baby Isabel instead of a full weekend. You bet, it will still be special. And I am always excited to get away with my Derrick.

I was inspired to write this entry by my friend Christie Ly, who just had a date night with her hubby..... Hope you had fun girl!

Disis on our 2nd year anniv get away to Tampa/St. Pete. Kinda hard to take pictures of the 2 of us together,when it's just the 2 of us!

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