Growing so fast!

My little Isabel is 2 months old already! WOW! We had to take our monthly picture late last night. The lighting is not perfect and we only have my point and shoot camera and iPhone cam to take pictures. But Derrick and I know, she will cherish these picts when she gets older. We as parents already cherish them!
We are using Daniel's board (my Valentine's gift for him last year). We only have one for each letter of the alphabet so we had a dilemma for upcoming months: THREE, SEVEN, NINE. So we decided to use different languages for the numbers! last month was in English: ONE (easy enough). This month, in French! For sure, when turns 5 mos, we will use LIMA (Filipino/Tagalog word for 5) same as our last name: deLIMA.
So again sorry for the yellow picture. our pictures last night were either bright or yellow. bummer. Cannot wait for my sister to come visit us and take pictures of my baby girl who is growing so fast!
Please pray for our little girl too: she is still battling the cough and cold she got from her Kuya Daniel. She is still eating well and playing and cooing. Thanks be to God!

More.... we saw the pediatrician today for a well child check.
Isabel is 10 lbs 15 oz (50th percentile) and 22 inches long (25-50th percentile)
Another grateful mummy moment here.

Here she is, showing off at the pediatrician's office. Kicking her legs, lifting her bottom and head up 45 degrees.

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