I have been sick this past week with runny nose and cough and temperature up to 102.6F. I hate taking medicine! YUCK! It takes two people to pin me down.But once I have the medicine, my fever goes away and I go back to playing and dancing. 3 days into the fever, I found out I have an ear infection. So guess what, another 10 days of taking medicine: yuck,yuck,yuck.

My Lola babysat me last Wednesday bec mummy was trying to separate Isabel from my germs. I love giving my li'l sister kisses. But I was not allowed to kiss her face or her head yet bec of my runny nose. I gave her feet kisses instead!

This was a conversation I had with my Lola Iryn last Wednesday:

Me: Where'd Daddy go?

Lola Iryn: He went to work.

Me: Work?

Lola Iryn: yeah, work. He is an accountant.

Me: A-cow-nan?

Lola Iryn: Do you want to be a doctor or an accountant?

Me: A-cow-nan.

Lola Iryn: Do you want to be an accountant or a doctor?

Me: A-cow-nan.

(My daddy's job is cooler than my mummy's!)

Go 49ers! Win tomorrow's game.



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