2011 on one blog entry

2011 highlights

January: Our first trip to Aruba. Blue skies, white sand, 80 temps.

February: cold, cold month!

March: Trip to michigan visiting our close friends: The Ly's and Patty & Domenic.

April: Spring trip. St. Augustine, FL and Atlanta, GA

May: St. Louis trip

My best friends, Katherine and Hannah

June: I was the camp doctor at the Muscular dystrophy association camp.

July: My boy turned 2!

August: Sheila and I went to the Britney Spears concert.

September: Labor Day weekend trip to Milwaukee. I am pregnant and huge at 7 months.

October: 5th year anniversary in Michigan, where we spent our 1st year anniversary. We visited Oink's ice cream parlor. See entry from 2007.

November: my baby girl Isabel is born.

11.25.11 at 4:06p. here's our going home pict.

December: so lucky to have these two cuties!

Christmas Day picture of Daniel Isaac and Isabel Francesca.

Maybe I will blog more this year of the dragon.

Happy 2012!

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