2 weeks left and counting (second time around)

2 weeks left and counting... But this time around, not waiting for a baby to be born --- but anxious about going back to work. So how's having baby #2?

Lessons I learned (and won't do again):
-not procratinate working out during pregnancy. I was very active with my first pregnancy and exercised till a week before giving birth. With Isabel, I slept and slept and ate and ate. Yes, I gained weight -- 42 lbs of heaviness.
-Not wait till 6 weeks postpartum to get back to my workout routine. I was ready to work out with my first baby at 2 weeks postpartum. Hubby (and yes OB) said that's way too soon. So this time, I waited until 6 weeks (after the holidays). well..... the baby weight is depressing me. I should have started at 3-4 weeks as recommended by my OB. Then I could have lost more lbs before I go back to work and maybe fit in some work clothes...

-Not have a winter baby. Isabel at 8 weeks already has a URI (upper respiratory infection: runny nose and cough) given by guess who: Kuya Daniel.

With Daniel, we walked outside at 2 weeks postpartum and continued to do so every day of my leave. It was summer: sunny, warm, wonderful. With Isabel, we are stuck inside the house. It's winter: gloomy, cold, sad.

Lessons I learned:
-if a baby is stubborn with his/her latch-on at birth, then better resolve the problem right then (rather than wait at 8 weeks of age when he/she is even more stubborn.) I am battling my 4th case of plugged duct in 2 weeks. talk about breast milk oversupply!
-tons of lessons about breastfeeding! From olive oil used to treat milk bleb/blister to weaning from the pump as I have freezer stash enough to feed triplets -- well maybe not, exaggerating there.
Even though I nursed my son for 15 months, I am still learning this second time around. My 2 children are different! One was a slow nurser taking his sweet time. The other one is an efficient baby, who is done nursing in 6-8minutes. And she is content and full after one breast!

What I am thankful for:
-being with my Isabel for 10 weeks. Learning her cues, bonding with her and gazing at her lovely face while sleeping... and crying...
-going back to a job that I like. It was difficult coming back to work after 14 weeks with Daniel. I know this time is not any different.
-Daniel loving his little sister! He comes home from school and as soon as he sees me, he asks: "Where's Isabel?" (What happened to "Hi mummy!")
-our family and friends who brought us food and babysat for us so we could run errands, go to doctor appointments, etc.... Thanks to grandparents who kept Daniel overnight (several times) so we could (maybe) sleep-in some mornings.
-having a Thanksgiving baby bec I had maternity leave during Christmas! (But again, no more winter babies after Isabel)
- My supporting husband who stays up with me during fussy nights, changes diapers when I have to tend to my plugged duct, watches the kids so I can dance some Zumba and so many more gestures of love.

I sound like an echo to a lot of moms when I say this: it's tough having a newborn, but it's all so worth it. Yes, Derrick and I are still praying for more children after our 2 munchkins. But with God's plan, we hope to space them just a little bit farther apart. Maybe not 2 years apart like Daniel and Isabel... How's 3-4??? haha.

Love every minute. Be grateful every day.
Positive things I pray for daily. Especially when I get depressed that I will be apart from my little girl pretty soon......

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