Lucas @ three months

1.  STATS: He is a chunker! Look at his cheeks. I don't know his weight but he is easily 13 lbs!
He is wearing 6 month size onesies. Still trying to squeeze into the 3 mo shorts as long as they are low-rise :) We don't want to squeeze the gut too much!

onesie - I don't remember who gave this to him but it was a gift.. my in-laws, maybe
pants - thanks to one of my sweet Neuro nurses who showered him with the cutest outfits! Thanks, K!


summer with family

outfit deets ~ outfit also featured here
Top, hautelook
Shorts, Jcrew
Chanel mini, preloved
pearls, from the Phils
mirrored sunglasses, DCB

The first cousin to visit us is my nephew. Isn't he adorable?
The Delima genes are so strong on him. He could totally pass as one of our children.

 I am super impressed with my SIL's hair cutting skills! I cut Bastian's hair twice and never again. I am better when I cut my girls' hair. Boy haircuts are trickier.

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fun skirt + white top {my Sunday Best}

//nude pumps //

Top, c/o FashionMia
Skirt, c/o , exact one
Manolo nude pumps, these are in patent
Gucci soho disco bag


why i love summer

Girls' rompers, exact ones
Isabel's sandals, c/o FP
Lucy's saltwater sandals, via eBay

1. the sun, long days spent outside
I love sunny days! Sunny days lift up my mood.  There's still daylight around 930p in June/July and I love that.

2.  Kids are out of school
No rush to get out of the house.
No rush to go to bed (hello  sunset at 9:45p).
My extended family visits us.

3. the beach
Sun, sand and water. That's my type of vacation!
When I think of summer, I think of the beach. Time to enjoy, relax, head to the lake/gulf/ocean (depending on vacation days we can get).


first day

back to school outfit ~
pique polo shirts, here and here
New kicks, thanks auntie Feli! Daniel's here, Isabel's here
socks, crew cut here


summer where did you go?

girls' outfits
Lucy's striped polo dress from my auntie MaryAnn
saltwaters via eBay
Isabel's dress, also a gift, similar
sandals c/o Freshly Picked

my outfit
top, hautelook, old
jcrew skirt, old
saltwater sandals
bangles from India, from my great aunt, similar
sunglasses, similar


finding the balance + missing edel... again... {sqt}

1. I knew there will be blog silence this week because I am working at the hospital. I want to update you all with STUFF. just stuff. But I cannot and won't talk about patients here, of course.
It's only August. We have new student doctors. We have new residents.  There's a lot of teaching going on.
I hope I am teaching them neurology, pediatrics, professionalism, empathy and everything else in between. I had great residents and not so great residents when I was a student. But I owed my education from them too. Now it's my turn to help train the next generation of doctors. Set expectations. How do I want them to present a patient's history. How to examine an infant. How to examine an uncooperative 3 year old. These students may not go to pediatrics or neurology but I hope they "remember" something from their week with me.

2. Since it's a hard week (because of the patient census), I specially liked seeing this on my feed.
10 reasons why being a doctor is a priviledge
I may have lacked big time on my housewife and motherly duties this week but I know this week is just a week. I go back to clinic next week and still have my work-life balance.

3. I missed my kids!
The older three spent 2 nights with my in-laws. It was a huge help for me and hubs. mainly for hubs. He only had to worry about the little 2 while I am still at work.
But I sure missed them! I saw lots of cute babies and preschoolers and 8-10 year old at work. I could not wait to come home and play with my babies.
yes, me... who does not usually play. I played high fives and fist bumps (bee bomp says Lucy) over, and over and over again. I gave them lots of cuddles ~ after I have washed and changed. I don't want to bring cooties home.


get active with aaptiv

//cute kicks to motivate you//

top, Old Navy, old, similar for only $7
capri lace up leggings, Bally's via hautelook
adidas athletic shoes

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