let's lighten things up

 A little stir crazy here.
There is no routine.
There is no norm.

1.  Since stores have closed, there's lots of online sales going on. Like Old Navy with its 50% off. We may not be able to celebrate Easter Sunday with our parish. But we will dress up and celebrate at home.

My picks are below.
My dress
Girls Dress
Boys polo shirt

2.  We gave in  to Disney+
I signed up today. We are a newbie Disney+ family.
We are on our second movie. Aladdin first... Now the Lion King.  My husband said that with Frozen II on repeat, we will get our money's worth for the subscription. Any suggestions for movie or show marathons? Do you have Disney+? What is your favorite thing about it?

3. My favorite Tarte concealer is on sale today. Only $13.50. That's an awesome price. It's great to stock up now.  Here are my faves for the next few days of the 21 days of beauty sale.

Lipstick Queen 3/24 Tuesday
Clinique Blended Face Powder and brush 3/26 Thursday
First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair moisturizer 3/27 Friday
Clinique Mascara 3/30 Monday

4.  I have been doing well with anxiety but being cooped up inside the house with a change in our routine got me all stir-crazy.
Ways I would like to focus more on God and others and let go of the worrying.
~livestream Mass
~doodle (Scripture...  and also with Mo Willems and my kids)
~listen to my audiobooks.
~ listen to podcasts for continuing medical education (not the ongoing pandemic, but neurology)
~use my big camera more.
~ good ole exercise. I haven't been moving much being stuck inside the home and doing school from home.

5. Speaking of audiobooks, I finished my first Flavia de Luce mystery. I started with the second book since the first one is unavailable from our public library. I borrowed the first Maisie Dobbs mystery. I could not get into it as much as Flavia. I am going to keep giving it a try.

We have Stuart Little and Matilda pending. Matilda is read by Kate Winslet. I am very excited!

6. If you are in the Indy area, consider donating your stash of N95 if you have any! If you know of construction companies, painters etc who may have N95 respirators, please send them my way disiscloset(at)gmail(dot)com. Let's protect our healthcare workers.

7. Sending y'all virtual hugs since gathering right now is illegal.
I saw this on my sister's stories. Thanks Clay Bennett of Chattanooga Press for this funny cartoon.
These next two weeks are critical. Please stay home. Let's change the rise of cases from exponential growth to linear.

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