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Face of a mom when she found out πŸ‘©πŸ»
School is closed πŸ“–
E-learning has to happen πŸ’»
She has to work πŸ‘©πŸ»‍⚕️

I’m not surprised that schools are closing to prevent the rapid spread of #Coronavirus. First it was #travelban of work related business travels, then the #universities cancelling face to face teaching. Then conferences and meetings in the #Medschool had to be done #viazoom
I worked all week this week. It felt like a #typicalweek at #rileyHospital. There’s panic outside the walls. But inside, #carecontinues. The sickest still needs care. It’s all covid in the news. But cancer, seizures, trauma, heart attacks, pneumonia, meningitis - we still have to treat those. 
Let’s not freak out.
Avoid the panic and hysteria. Focus on what’s important: why are we saying #stopthespread? It’s not just “so I don’t get sick” but so we don’t overwhelm and reach over- capacity of hospitals. Where will those kids with cancer and meningitis and respiratory failure and heart disease go when the hospitals are full? 
Wash hands.
#surviveElearning for 2-3 weeks
Think and pray for those moms and dads who still have to work.... think of those that DON’T have work because stadiums, ticket booths, concession stands are closed.
#itsucks whichever point of view you look at it.
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It’s been a long week guys.
Just a mere 8 days ago, I was worried about working all week at the hospital. ”exposing” myself since I’m covering the hospital #whereallthegermslive
God knows(knew) how to #settlemynerves. The #neurologyservice has #sickkids (not covid). I had to cover for a colleague (not a big deal) as it was just a #hiandbye type of thing. Then organized two meetings (#hellozoom πŸ‘©‍πŸ’» πŸ‘¨πŸ»‍πŸ’»). 
I was busy being a #neurologist that I’m glad I wasn’t on #socialmedia much. I kept up with #nprnews and I received back to back messages from our hospital, university, kids’ school, #medicalschool. I wasn’t totally #offthegrid
During these tough times, I’m thankful for my #faith. I still have #freakoutmoments but then I #stepback and #lookatthebigpicture
God is #biggerthanthis#pandemic doesn’t equal panic. I won’t be careless but I’m also #atpeace. (Or try and try to be!) let’s #factcheck and not #letfearwin. >>> #happyyellow for a #crazyweek#birdies shoes but feel like #slippers! Linked here https://shopstyle.it/v/J5W #onlineshopping to avoid the crowds.

Y’all know I love a party! •
A party that involves dancing? •
A Party for a cause?
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@derrick49ers and I went for walks almost everyday when we were newlyweds. We did it several times a week during the warm months. All pre-kids. Then I started having babies. Call it #feelingtiredallthetime and #postpartumexhaustion or just plain #imafraidtogooutside solo.
There’s just so many reasons (like my seasonal allergies) I stopped going for walks. 
Besides school pickup, I’m trying to bring #letsgoforawalk back. 
☀️ sun
πŸ’¨ fresh air πŸƒ πŸ‘¦πŸ» family time πŸ‘§πŸ» >>> Belle’s #underarmour sneakers, my #adidasedgelux shoes and more linked here https://shopstyle.it/v/JAB

A new month.
How is it the third month of 2020 already? 🀯 
Covid-19 is creating hysteria in the country. At work, we are getting 3-5 emails daily regarding detection, testing, prevention. 
Let’s not forget that #influenza is still pretty deadly.
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So thankful for crop and straightening options on Lightroom. 🀣 
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