mass @ home for laetere sunday {wiws linkup}

What we wore
Me: NYCo tunic sweater 
Patagonia vest
Birdies flats, Nordstrom has these cheetah print 25% off. That's amazing! I have a lot of cheetah print already.. So not sure I can justify another pair....

Belle: H&M dress, Old Navy Cardigan (still 50% sitewide on ON), Toms
Nash: Janie and Jack onesie, Old Navy pants, socks via amazon
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Well, well, well.
Look who is back from the blogging-dead.

I am channeling my energy to something productive. Back to blogging therapy.
I am muting notifications on my FB groups. I need to detox from all the hysteria.

So join me please and share how you made today special.  I asked my family to dress up today even though Mass is only via streaming. Nobody complained. I want to dedicate this day and make it special.

My parish did a great job streaming Mass. We all waited for it to "premiere" at 1030a.  120 families tuned in. We all connected by saying hi on the live chat. There were familiar "names" (instead of faces) popping up on the live chat.

I posted more behind the scenes on my instagram stories.
To keep this business as usual, I am giving Mass grades.

D: A- there's always room for improvement
I:  A She held the baby during the Eucharistic prayer so I can kneel and then stand.
SJ: B he refused to kneel on the hardwood floors
L: B as per usual Lucy, she wanted to be carried by papa throughout Mass
L: F as per usual Lucas' grade. He was doing the worm, jumping, running, crying. What else is new?
N: B he nursed during the Gospel and homily. Again what is new? but then fussed during the Eucharistic prayer.

How about you? How are you making this day special while staying at home?
Wishing you all a healthy and safe and calm day.
Let's recharge and get ready for another week of schooling from home.
(virtual) hugs to all.
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  1. We've really enjoyed eating dinner outside and not feeling rushed in the morning. Getting up at 7:30 for me has been nice. Spending lots of time outdoors and still getting dressed in cute clothes makes a difference too.


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