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Using Jennifer Fulwiler's word generator, I got FALL for my word of the year. At first, I was scratching my head wondering how I can use this word. I was tempted to hit the button again to get another word... but only for a second. I followed my instinct and stayed with FALL.

My initial thoughts on how I could apply this word and where I could use it:

Fall on my knees 
This means prayer. I always, always need to work on my prayer life. Why is it that to get our attention, God has to give us challenges? I want to praise Him all the time, not just during the storms. I want to use the word fall to remind me to worship Him and Him alone. Not to get too bogged down by stress of motherhood and work. But to actually look at Him first and everything will fall in its place.

Fall in love 
I wanted to continue date nights with my husband. As much as we love our children, our marriage is #1 and is the most important. Because it is the backbone of our family.

Weight to fall off
HA! I wish it is that easy. Lbs just don't fall off easily anymore. Breastfeeding does not do its magic trick.

Fall as a season is a season of change or transition. From summer to winter.  What are the things I want to change for 2018? What are the vices and temptations that I want to leave behind? What changes can I do to be a better person, be a more patient mom and hardworking physician? How can I change my eating habits? How can I go back to cooking again?
How can I accept changes at work or home that are beyond my control?
I had lots of questions in the beginning of the year.

So some updates more than halfway through the year~

Prayer life - I am continuing my a chapter a day of reading the Bible. I am currently reading Nehemiah. Hubs and I started praying again together in the beginning of the year (this is beyond grace before meals or praying during trips or Mass prayers). But for lots of reasons including chaotic  children's bedtimes, we don't do it anymore. We used to pray regularly together as a couple when we were dating. This is something I want to do again... regularly that it becomes second-nature.

Date nights - I am thankful that we have grandparents who live close. The last time hubs and I went out was my birthday (sans kids!!!). He has his birthday coming up and I want to dress up, wear heels and go on a date.

Exercise, eating healthy - I was doing well sometime late spring. I lost a few lbs. The tight shorts and skirts loosened up just a little bit. Then it must have been my birthday + summer. But I am indulging a lot with the children.  If they want ice cream, I am all for it.  I also went to yoga a lot. But June has been busy with swim lessons and baseball that I haven't been  to the studio for weeks I miss, miss yoga!

Change - This is an ongoing process and deliberation. Always reflecting, praying and pondering what I could change to be better emotionally, physically, mentally.

Some questions that I end up answering include:
I am cooking again. Thanks to Blue Apron! I like learning new recipes even better when hubs gives my cooking 5 stars!
Eating habits - moderation. I need moderation. I cannot give up ice cream but I am willing to change the frequency of my treats.
To be a better mom - lots of prayer. Changing my attitude. Knowing when to ask for help -- from my kids! My two older children are stepping up. I can trust them more and more to back-me-up when I am in the kitchen and somebody needs to watch the active toddler.

Other note~ the big Nsale (which every blogger/influencer is talking about -- so why not join in?!) starts today for Nordstrom card holders.  I will be checking some deals on and off throughout the day. Maybe by tomorrow, I will have my first wishlist compiled. I will share it here.

While writing this post, I found cute aviators for less than $15!!!! WHOA!

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