pink, blue and white in michigan

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madewell tiefront top in paris pink (i love this top!!!)
navy blue midi skirt, zara
white sandals, Steve Madden
le specs sunnies
Gucci crossbody

//black sunnies //

We had a lovely weekend in Michigan. We ventured all the way to South Haven and spent four hours at the beach. The water was clear and refreshing! It was a humid Saturday on the high 80s. The baby was cranky but quickly turned his mood around once I dipped him on Lake Michigan. The children are so tan!

We drove for half an hour south for dinner. That gave the children a late power nap before dinner. We had thai food and then tried an ice cream place in St. Joseph (Dairy Korner).

For Sunday, we went to a small Catholic Church in Bridgman. Such a lovely church with beautiful stained glass windows. For the first half of the Mass, I took Lucas to the back. He is a walker now! There was a beautiful statue of Sto. Nino (child Jesus). Unfortunately, admiring his beauty only kept Lucas busy for 90 seconds.

We went to a mom/pop diner for lunch. Hubby said "now I know where the senior citizens go." I enjoyed my cup of rceam of chicken and rice soup and cup of veggie barley soup. I ate the children's side of soup that they did not like hence I had two different ones!

We went to Weko beach for another 3 hours of sun and water! The water here is not as cleaner as South Haven's beaches. I guess we did not notice this last year? Since we only had New Buffalo and Warren dunes state park beaches to compare...

The bluest and clearest water we have seen of Lake Michigan was empire beach (an hour from Traverse City).

Hubs liked South Haven a lot that I think we will go back! Definitely going back. Tip: bring your cooler and packed lunch and snacks. The concession stand at north beach has pretty high prices for food and ice cream.

Bastian was the one at the water the most!  He loved "riding the waves" using Kuya Daniel's kickboard. I have never felt the hottest sand! Burned my soles -- or at least felt like it! ouch. The water felt so good.

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  1. Such a cute outifit- I love the colors, and great blouse!


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