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// black peplum tops //

black peplum top, Jcrew 2 years old, similar here and here
skirt, Zara
TB Miller flats, available in lots of colors.
Burberry bowler
Le Specs sunnies
earrings, gift

Is that title click-bait or what???
The other title I have for this post is positive self-talk. But the title above won.

// sunnies //

I am finally wearing this top after a couple of years. I am pretty sure the last time I wore this was in 2016 (before I got pregnant with Lucas). I am  "blessed up top" right now.  I am not pumping anymore but Lucas is still nursing at night and early morning. The teeny weight I lost in May/June came creeping back in. Thanks ice cream.

I should have worn this black top several weeks ago??? Maybe it would have looked more flattering.

I almost did not post these pictures because I look *fat.  I try not to have negative self-talk. Bad talk, insecure talk, degrading talk, dirty talk -- all not healthy and not great for mind, body and soul.  Same thing for only posting photos that I think angles make me look skinnier than what I truly look. I am just deceiving myself. I am hurting myself  when I talk poorly about my body.

While it is true that I am overweight, I stop myself from bashing myself and not doing anything about it. When I am active and eating healthy, I do not care about that BMI number or the number on the scale. I feel good when I am eating right and exercising.

But when I do not regularly exercise or make healthy choices on my meals, I feel poorly overall... and next thing I do is make myself feel even worse by talking badly to myself.

One thing that has helped  me appreciate myself more was coming up with three things that I love about my body every morning. It may sound so self-centered but with my history of  poor perception of my own body/body image, I am trying to come up with a more forgiving approach to myself.

Just for kicks and giggles, these are some things I come up with.
~ I like my eyes when I smile.
~ I like my arms today. They were able to carry Lucas for a long time.
~ I like my long fingers.

Other mornings:
~ I love my long black hair.  I love my natural highlights.
~I tan so easily. I like that.
~I like my teeth
~I like my behind (haha!)

Rarely, I also come up with:
~I like my chest. lol!

Whether it's just coming up with three positive things in the morning or just talking positively period (!) - I can see a change in my mood and day. I don't do  this everyday but I should get back to it.

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