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Top, nordstrom
jeans, Madewell
Manolo Pumps
Gucci belt and purse
Shell necklace, from the Philippines (thanks Mama!)

I used to have this rule - no jeans/denim for Sunday Mass! After all, it should be Sunday Best for the Lord, right?

However, with the designer jeans nowadays, denim can actually be dressy for a night out or fancy *enough for Mass.  I still won't wear denim for a wedding or Easter Sunday or Christmas Mass so yes, my argument above is flawed. Let's just say that I have LOTS of jeans that I want to wear. I cannot wear them to work and I want to change my pencil skirt/top mommy-form (still breastfeeding!)  But when I wear denim for Mass, I try to elevate my denim game by wearing pumps or heels. Add fancy big shells to put the focus somewhere else.

These madewell jeans are not designer but already a splurge if you are used to buying denim under $50. I got them on the nordstrom anniv sale and they are already sold out! If they are restocked (or some items are returned) I advice you  to size down. I went with my regular size and I could have gone one more size down.

One more thing to share: Lucy loves these manolo pumps! She wears them whenever she sees them. I have a shoe-lover in the house (just like her Lola! ~ my mom). There are purse-people (me!) There are shoe-people (my mom and now Lucy) and there are jewelry people (my grandma... and Isabel. at least that's what she tells me).

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  1. Adorable outfit and I love that pop of pink! Thanks for joining my weekly linkup.


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