girl talk {all about Isabel}

Me: I would totally wear your outfit, if they make big sizes.
Isabel: no mummy, no.... you're not a kid. you're a mommy.

And if I think I am immune from her imitating me, I am so wrong.
patience, mummy patience...
slow down mummy, slow down.
Same voice, same tone I use

Helping me stamp her invites
Isabel: I love my birthday party.
Stamps were all crooked and angled funny. Derrick said "there's an added flare".

Me: what did you make Isabel?
Isabel: I gwuued heart, heart, heart, flower, die-mond...
Don't mess it mommy. Mrs. (preschool teacher's name) is fweak out.
Isabel: She is going to freak out?
Isabel: yeah. fweak out.

She agreed to have her photo taken only if she could hold her precious princesses.

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