tunic + leggings and I've got my hands full

I brought the children to the post office to drop off a few packages. I was pretty much waiting for somebody (anybody) to tell me I have my hands full. What was I thinking going during lunchtime anyway? bad rookie move. It would have been a quick drop off if I just took the children half an hour earlier.

nobody was hurt. sebastian stood on the stroller (aaaah!) I saved him before he face planted.

The winner was Mr. postman:
"you've got your hands full."

oh yes was my reply.

It's leggings season again. These babies are so forgiving. None of my pants fit. (boo) I will be wearing a lot of skirts, tights, leggings, dresses this winter.

Tunic, thrifted // Leggings // Minnetonka Boots

Bellie's outfit: purple top, HMD // Old Navy skinnies // Toms

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