worst halloween evah

Why oh why was it cold again and raining this year for Halloween?

I was as devastated as the children when they did not  haul loads and loads of chocolate. not that I was going to eat them all. i knew that the children have been so excited for this nigt. 

The story behind the ninja costume:
this costume has given me hypertension. First when Derrick got it at costco for $25. Then another spike in my BP when Daniel refused to wear it for his brother's birthday. Then a repeat on Halloween when he refused to wear it again.

Daniel did wear the ninja costume and he pouted when I asked to take his pictures. 
This was the only one I got of him.

So we had to have plan B. It was a rainy 35F night. I called three chick-fil-A's in the city. Finally found one that was having a fall family festival from 4p-7p. I came home at 5p from work and had the children ready. We waited for Derrick who arrived close to 6p (arrrggghhh). we finally arrived at Chick-fil-A after trying to pump air on my tire (almost flat tire that I have been driving x 3 days). Derrick saw its state and said: we have to do it tonight.... so we inflated the tire... actually, he tried to inflate tire. The stupid air machine thingy took 50c from him and the tire was still flat.

15 minutes later at the gas station with the stupid air machine, we arrived at Chick-fil-A. The dining room was empty except for a mom with her two preschoolers and a man eating a chicken sandwich. Mr. mascot was GONE! no balloons, no treats, no nothing!

At that point, it was dark and even colder. The children ALL fell asleep. Derrick drove us home. I was still upset. 

Derrick said: you snooze, you loose. when the children woke up, he rubbed it in and told them: they missed Halloween. our savior was Uncle K. He visited us second year in a row and brought candy bars for the children.

The silver lining that night: I have these pictures of Isabel with her "queen" costume.. She's not a princess, she said. She is a queen.

How appropriate since she is named after Queen Isabel of Portugal.

I don't even have a picture of Sebastian. (gasp!)
 I posted one taken by my mom on my instagram feed.
Lola to the rescue.

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  1. Next year, come visit us! Shouldn't be THAT cold and lots of candy!

  2. Too bad about the weather! :( Isabel is so cute in her costume, though!

  3. Anonymous11/07/2014

    It was terrible! We took the boys to the neighbors house and to Chick fil A. I promise it was not that big of a deal. NO balloons, the cow came out to say hi, and the kids got a little bag with a couple of pieces of candy and stickers.


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