Frigid temps, 365 photos, flu season, breastfeeding and Colts blue {7qt}

1. unintentional blogging break.
There are tons of reasons why I haven't blogged since NYE. My blogpress app is acting up; I went back to work ; and the kids and I were sick for a few days. I worked on the three wisemen post for a few days ~ finally gave up when I realized the blogpress app won't cooperate. someday, someday I will post the wisemen's journey.

2. storm ion
8-13 inches of snow
air temps below 0
wind chills -30 to -55
What is going on???

I am fortunate I don't have to work this weekend when the blizzard plows through the midwest. Unfortunately the frigid air comes Monday. And yes, I have to cover the hospital.

Both our hospital and university already issued weather preparedness alerts and emails.
My plan to stay warm as a I travel to work:
~wear layers of loose clothing
~wear my astronaut looking snow shoes
~long johns and snow pants (over kill?)
~tank/cami, longsleeve shirt, cardigan/hoodie, down jacket (again? too much)
~I will bring extra blanket and clothes, at least 2 bottles of water, another pair of socks and undies (If I get stuck at work) and snacks
~ scarf, mittens, hat, gloves

3. 365 photos
My sister took 365 photos in 2012. She encouraged me to do it in 2013 but I did not commit until 11:58pm Dec 31, 2013 that I will do it this year.

Follow me on instagram where I will be posting my daily photos.
I wish to place my photos in a photo book once I've accomplished this challenge. It will be a fun photo diary, don't you think?

4. influenza season
I see a lot of influenza cases at work. And they are the worst of the worst. The flu A strain must not have been covered well in this year's vaccine. I know a few people who got it. And sadly, the ones who end up at the hospital are the ones who are immunocompromised (pregnant women, those with asthma, those with congenital disorders)
My children and I battled some viral illness. The children mainly had the cough. Derrick and I got the sore throat, headaches and myalgias (muscle aches)

5. Rough start
It was a rough end of 2013 and start of 2014 -- for me physically. Since Sebastian was sick, he was not latching well. He was nursing less. I had a plugged duct that did not go away. This progressed to full-blown mastitis. OUCH. Fevers and chills and bedridden for a couple of days equal NOT Awesome. I am happy to say I am way much improved. Thanks to antibiotics.

My take-home message for nursing moms:
i know it is hard to stop, rest and listen to your bodies -- but take a break. If there's a plugged duct, the best thing besides nurse, nurse, nurse is REST. I did not rest at all because it was the holidays. I felt a need that Christmas won't be Christmas if I don't continue our tradition. We did have a good Christmas. The after Christmas sickness was rough.

6. Blue weekend
It was a paint the town blue week here in Indy as the Colts host the Kansas City Chiefs for the wild card play off weekend.
I wore my blue all week. I just did not take photos of my outift! bummm.... but I took a pict of my tribal blue leggings!

7. Picture I am sharing

The loves of my life supporting our indianapolis colts!

Linking up my first 2014 post with Jen and the quick takers of the blog world!

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  1. Those leggings are adorable! Also, if only four days is enough of a break to warrant an apology, then my *months* without posting are inexcusable. ;)

  2. Love the leggings! So sorry about the mastitis :( I don't think that your clothing layers are too much! The cold has been so terrible this year; it's been 10 below zero (without windchill) most mornings here for the last two weeks which has NOT been good as I try to recover. And I can definitely attest to the face that the influenza A is just beyond terrible this year...


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