4 months old

Serious Sebastian is 4 months old. And he is not serious all the time. Not anymore.

He coos, giggles and laughs.
He loves to talk to his mummy, sibs and daddy.
He watches his ate and kuya play. With intense curiosity. Such interest. I won't be surprised that my next few updates will say something like: there he goes running around with his older siblings!

Well child check stats:
13 lbs 5 oz - 25th %tile
Length - 25-50th %tile

He reaches and swats toys.
He puts everything in his mouth. Toys. Shirt. Mummy's Hair. His hands.

Sleep is disrupted. He nursed less when he was sick with bronchiolitis. I produced less. I saw a drop in my production. Now that he is all better, he is nursing more. Trying to create a demand so supply increases. He wakes up at 11p, 130a, 330a, 530a to feed. I hope he goes back to previous sleeping routine. I felt better rested then.

^^photo sent by my mom when she babysat this past week. I love receiving phono updates!

Lola is so proud of you, Bastian. Look, you can hold your bottle!

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