Comfort food on my last day as a resident

Oh on my last day of residency, I blog again.

Sharing this yummy recipe that I made while pulling an almost all-nighter (oops) to finish a presentation. In residency, there's no slacking off allowed. I presented noon conference the day before, had my last continuity clinic on my last day, and worked until 7p seeing kids at the ER. I almost missed my own party!

I expected a long day for my last day.
I should never finish without a BANG!

Now off to the yummiest, comfort food that received 2 thumbs up from my food critic.

1 lb of frozen or thawed chicken breast.
Chopped celery - I didn't even measure how much. Maybe 1.5 c?
Chopped carrots - I love tons of veges in my soup so I added more than what's asked in most recipes. Maybe 1.5-2cups?
Small onion - diced
2 cans of cream of chicken, low fat....Or if you have 1 can of cream of celery and one can of cream of chicken, go for it :)
Pepper (I omitted salt and it was perfect for us)

In the crockpot, place veges first, then chicken (actually it doesn't even matter what order.) A med school friend who loves to cook told me veges first so the flavors rise up to the meat/top. Is that true?

Then I added the cans of cream of chicken. And added 2.5 cans of water. I used the cans for measurement. I didn't use chicken stock.

My soup is creamy. if you want it less creamy, then suggest adding more water.

Turn the slow cooker on high. Cook for 6 hours.

After 5 hours of cooking, you can shred or cut your chicken. They were so tender, I just used my wooden spoon. Then make your biscuits. I was going to use store bought biscuits but..... One bag is frozen biscuits. Nope not going to work. And refrigerated dough was placed in the freezer accidentally. Did I do that? Probably.

So I made my own dough using this recipe.
The next time I make this recipe, I think I'll add more milk. I like my dumplings light and fluffy.

And I ate it at 1:30a..... Because it was calling my name.

Hope you make it and enjoy it!

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