The quickity takes ever

1. I am still alive.
Just working 11-12 hour days. And I'm not done yet as it is my black weekend (black weekend because I work both days) but I'm not on call.... So does this weekend make it a gray weekend?

^^i think Sebastian got it^^

2. And I had to deal with this:
Google dermatographia

3. Lucky bees were with their "stay at home for a day papa" for MLK day while wohm*** went to the hospital.
Look what greeted me after coming home close to 8p.

Wohm- work outside of home mom

4. Countdown
I may be working 11 days straight but my 11th day is my last day as a resident doctor! My first day off will be my first day post-training years.
Are you following me?

5. Another happy note
My gray weekend has a silver lining. I am taking the older two for a treat! Disney on ice on Sunday night. Sans daddy. Sans baby.

6. I try my best to distance myself from the sickness and things that I cannot control. However, I am postpartum, hormonal and nursing. I almost had a breakdown at work after seeing a cute kid so so so sick (sorry no details. I don't want get in trouble).
And that kid, I just wanted to cuddle him/her and tell him/her that he/she is loved.
I think ill do that tomorrow.
If I want to bawl hysterically, I'll definitely do that tomorrow.

7. My mom watched the kids today. I facetimed with them during one of my 'make lunch for Sebastian' breaks.
Usually I use those breaks to look at charts, dictate, call teams, update teams, check email etc etc. This afternoon ~~ I knew I needed a break. A real break.
So I gave myself a real treat and facetimed with my little ones.
Thanks for watching them, mom!

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  1. Ahhh Disney on Ice! I'm jealous. And congrats on almost being done as a resident/fellow, how awesome is that?!

  2. Anonymous1/25/2014

    I really wanted to go to Disney on Ice! Sorry you've been working so much, the sick kids and their families really appreciate it! Andrew was just released last week and was re admitted Friday. I know working so much can be exhausting but you are changing lives so thank you !

    Ps- last week Neuro admitted us and I was told you were on call so I asked for a consult just because- it got denied :) haha


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