Ballerina party

My little ballerina had her first birthday party this afternoon. So much pink, so much candy, so much food, so much fun!

Here's just a preview of pictures. My sister {{the photographer}} took oh-so-better pix and I will post them here once she's done with them.

The adults were afraid of the sugar high from this treat table. It was a hit for the kids though! we have pink sweet popcorn, kisses, cookies, pink rock candy, pink marhmallows, pink licorice, pink M&Ms, pink lemonade and pink puto (Filipino rice cakes). Thank you mom, sheila and Dy for helping with the treat table.

My sister {{the photographer and baker}} made this specially just for Isabel. Strawberry-filled inside. YUMM.

And here's the birthday girl with her smash cake -- vanilla flavored specially baked just for her by her Tita Lady.

Head here to read about Isabel's name.

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