7 quick takes Vol. 6

It's the time of the week for 7QT and it does not even feel like a Friday. Feels like a very long {fun weekend} that already started yesterday. Thanks to:

  1. {Thanksgiving} oh what fun. My dad came from Baton Rouge. My sister and her fam came from GA.
  2. Found a {new website} for fun and quick and delicious recipes: eat, live, run. I have already made my list of recipes I'd like to try: slow cooker chicken tikka masala, whole wheat banana peach muffins, shrimp and rice casserole to name a few. Best of all, she's a great blogger, love her pictures, and she's a Christian. Meet Jenna.

    Jambalaya: before pict

    Jambalaya: after pict. I overcooked the rice :( too much liquid. But the fam still ate it!
    I brought home an empty pan!
3. Thanks to my lighter rotation {and happy mood} I was able to plan something (and actually get it done) for Thanksgiving. I made Jambalaya and  Roasted Carrots.

4. Had a date with my toddler this morning and watched {Wreck-it-Ralph}. Thanks Disney writers, you made me cry.....again. My little guy also cried on our way to the theater. He kept asking "where's daddy?" "why is daddy at home?" Broke....my..... heart...... That was even more proof that I need to spend quality time with him, one-on-one time. When I tuck him to bed, he says: "I want daddy to read me a book." ouch. dagger to mummy's heart.
Back to the movie: I recommend it. Just made me uncomfortable with the words that are obviously meant to be cu$$ words but changed since it's a kid movie.

one like a Son of man coming,
on the clouds of heaven

5. Feast of Christ the King this Sunday. We will have readings from the prophet Daniel (who my little one is named after). preview the readings here.
Another liturgical church year is ending... and Advent is near! Do you have any ideas on how you'll spend Advent as a family?

6.{Home call} schedule: Finalized this past week. My first home call on a weekend is during a Colts home game. I will be cheering for my team at home. My last in-hospital call is on Nov. 29th. To celebrate: my friend Sheila and hubs Derrick and kids are joining me for brunch and mimosas post-call (kids are NOT having mimosas, of course). The bell rings at 8a Nov. 30th and I am outta there ----> headed to merriment! 

7. Another big celebration coming up! Isabel Francesca is turning one year old -- my lovely princess born on Black Friday!

Happy post-Thanksgiving, Black Friday y'all!
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