Midweek Mania

List from Sunday Social and Emily's blog.

{4 Jobs You've Had in Your Life}

1. Pediatrics resident and Child Neurology resident - I am nearing the official  mark of my PGY5 year. Dec 4th y'all is my promotion day. I can already smell the sweet aroma of the last year of residency.
2. Research Assistant - During my undergrad year, I was a lab assistant at Dr. C's Cancer lab. please don't be mad PETA, I worked with hamsters. The money I saved went to purchase my upright piano.
3. Server at a Mom and Pop's store - For about 2 years I worked in the little town of Danville IN (west side of Indy) where I was probably one of a few Asians in that town. I was called "Issi" (the old folks slash regulars could not pronounce Isis); received dollar coins for tips. The money I saved there was used to get Ethan (my first VAIO laptop!)
4. Mrs. D - my favorite job by far. wife to D, mum of Daniel and Isabel.

{4 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over}

1. Harry Potter (any of the 7 movies)
2. Love Actually/The Holiday
3. Avatar/Titanic
4. Alladin
{4 Places You Have Lived}

1. Pampanga, Philippines (first 17 years of my life)
2. Muncie, IN (first 2 years of med school)
3. Broad Ripple, Indy (to be more precise: So-Bro ~~south of Broad Ripple) last 2 years of med school
4. Indianapolis, IN (undergrad, residency).

{4 of Your Favorite Foods}

Ice Cream
Toblerone, Dark Chocolate, Nutella
Bacon (haha)

{4 Things You Always Carry With You}

Credit Cards
my new Red Hot lipstick
(children -- I wish I could say that)

{4 Places You Have Been on Vacation}

1. Paris and London -Disis honeymoon 2006


2. Boracay, Philippines - another D-isis honeymoon 2007

He's trying to win my heart -- by climbing a coconut tree to get me fresh coconut juice!

3. Kauai - Medschool graduation gift from hubs 2008. I want to go back...... please.

Na Pali Coast

4. Italia (Roma, Assisi, Venezia, Florence, Castel Gandolfo, Nettuno, Pompeii) - Church Youth Pilgrimage 2004 (post college grad gift to myself)

I want to go backto Italy. Next time with hubs whose lifelong dream is to visit Rome! and see the Pope of course.

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