7 quick takes Vol 7

At 8a Nov. 30th Friday, I have finished my last in-hospital call EVAH! Thank you JESUS!   I have been sleeping in the hospital for the past 4.5 years every 4-8days. I am so, so glad I will be home with my kids and hubs when I take call from now on.... Yippee! for home call.
(another milestone in a resident physician's life!)

On a sad note: please pray for a colleague's family. She passed away after battling metastatic melanoma. She had 3 young kids (ages: 7, 5, barely 2 year old). It breaks my heart that these kids lost their momma at such a young age. Please pray for them.

To celebrate advent, we are going to light our advent wreath during dinner time. Our wreath has just been a decoration for the past 4-5 years. It's time to use those candles from the Girl scout fundraiser! Would you like more ideas on how to celebrate advent with your kids? Here's an easy advent wreath craft that you can do. Daniel and I are going to make one this weekend.

Retirement. Happy last day at work my FIL, Frank Delima. (My kids are surprising their Lolo at his retirement party later at 1p....shhhh... it's a suprise)

As for me: this is where I will be retiring:

It does not hurt to dream. ....... for awhile.
Christmas cards. Thank you little sister for taking our family pictures last week. We coordinated our outfits (as usual!) My sister took days --> weeks to plan their outfits. Moi? minutes! I have been so busy at work and planning Isabel's party etc that I haven't had a chance to sit down and look at everyone's wardrobe! Good thing: my hubs and Daniel are pretty much Gap/B-rep/Old Navy folks. Bottom line - they have tons of solid colored shirts. Easy enough!

One of last year's family photo (that did not make our Christmas card)
Isabel was just a newborn.
And look at my post-partum FAT cheeks!

Christmas decorations are up. Thanks to Hubs and Daniel. Same theme as last year -- silver, silver and more silver.

Our tiny, weeny, little Christmas tree is retiring for a year. Derrick is afraid that Isabel is gonna tear this down in seconds! This was my tree in my first apartment (first Christmas living alone). It made a reappearance when Disis got married and Daniel was born.

Check it out:

Let's end this edition of 7QT with a Q&A:
Favorite Christmas Song: Hark the Herald... close behind: Silent Night, Gloria, O Holy Night, O Come All Ye Faithful
Favorite Christmas Movie: Love Actually
Favorite Christmas Treat: Bibingka
Delima Family Christmas Tradition: Opening a present on Christmas Eve (Midnight) and then opening the rest of the presents Christmas Day!
Favorite Filipino Christmas Tradition: Simbang Gami - Novena (going to Mass at Dawn for 9 consecutive days before Christmas)

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  1. Yay for your last in house call! :)

    That picture from last year is too cute. Love the red! And what 'fat' cheeks? You look like a rail! :)

    So many prayers for your friend and your family.


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