Lucas @ 11 mos {sqt}

Happy 11 mos Lucas!
Actually you're birthday is just a over a week from now. We took these photos a couple of weeks ago. I am just now posting them.

1. What you love to eat~
Though you have 6 baby teeth, you smashed your food (tongue to the roof of the mouth). You can tear  fruits and veggies and pasta with your strong teeth!

2. Words~
You like to say "YEAH." During spring break, the server asked us if we would like to have dessert. Right on cue, you said "yeah!" That's my boy!

3. You can actually whistle! You pursed your lips, put them close together and whistle. I heard it twice then told your dada. He heard it so I was not hallucinating.  That's one talent you did not get from me. I cannot whistle.

4. You love to nurse but saying no to the bottle.
Is it time to switch to the sippy?

5. I really thought you would be walking by now. But you are getting places just by scooting and doing that ape-crawl. You pull up to stand. You are cruising along furniture.

You even know how to get up the whole flight of stairs (!!!) We need the gate at the bottom and top of the stairs!

6. We took you to the movies twice!
They are loud movies. You were such a good baby. You watched for a little bit and then nursed and napped the rest of the time.

7. Your eczema flared during spring break. It must have been the food you tried. Your cheeks are healing though. The weather is turning around and spring decided to show up. You had a little bit of tan from spring break. But you are still the lightest Delima.

I am just now planning your birthday. I debated between this theme or this theme.  I let your dada chose and  of course, he chose this.  I am going to let him have this. You're his fifth child anyway. :)

P.S. He changed his mind! Pressure from your ate Isabel helped. I did not do it! So yes, we are getting lots of this and this and this for your party!

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