end of the schoolyear thoughts

// red mini bags //

what I wore at a hospital-wide presentation~
black bell sleeve top, jcrew factory
Ferragamo ballet flats, scored from rue la la
tights, jcrew
skirt, nordstrom rack
Chanel mini

After these photos were taken, I had this look of horror. I thought I was wearing a red pencil skirt. But the photos made the skirt look more bright pink (!) Since I thought I was wearing a red skirt, I wore my red Ferragamo flats. It was still cold during the presentation, so I wore  some tights. I thought they are black but in some angles, they are dark blue! Wow.... this outfit just kept getting worse! Add the Chanel mini ~ wrong shade of red.... again....

Now to what I really want to blog about: thoughts about the ending schoolyear.

My children have less than a week left of school! Summer break is here!

Because of two big trips on our first half of the year (Peru and spring break),  I haven't really planned much for summer break. We have a double party coming up next month. Then a big reunion in July. That's enough plans, don't you think?

Before we head on full steam for the dog days of summer, I want to reflect on the good and not-so-good things about the schoolyear.

Waking up early ~
We started strong on this... then got harder and harder as the schoolyear went on and it got colder because of winter. Our (my) goal is to get out of the door and in the car, buckled in their carseats 20 minutes before the bell rings and morning prayer and assembly start. We may have achieved this 10x out of the ~180 days of school. We are pushing it to the limit and arriving in the parking lot within the last few minutes... This will definitely be something we will keep working on next school year.

Homework ~
Isabel got the hang of homework right away. I do not have to ask her to check her folder or start her homework. She is done in half an hour or less. Daniel needs more coaxing and reminders, on the other hand. He knows the groove now as well. He has spelling, simple solutions (his Math workbook) and 20 minutes of reading daily.

When we have tough nights for homework because of difficulty focusing and just being plain tired after an entire day in school, I so wish I homeschool them. But then how can we make that work? Homeschooling does not work right now for our family situation. I am only home part of the time.

Lunches ~
It's all my husband. I do not pretend at all that I am the lunch queen. I get bored doing the same thing over and over, says the person who subscribe to Blue Apron to try new recipes and new ingredients.  Since the children want the same thing everyday for lunch, I do not enjoy packing their lunches. Hubs does it without any complaints.

Drop off ~
There's a different dropoff system this schoolyear. Once we knew what we were doing, it was definitely safer for the families and children. I don't walk out of the car anymore. I do miss walking the preschooler to the classroom. I do miss kissing the kids goodbye outside the gym door. But all in all, it's much more efficient and less tears because I say goodbye in the car.  I walked Sebastian to the preschool door maybe 3x last fall. After that, I just dropped him off and a teacher escorts him out of the car to the door then to the classroom. easy peasy!

After school activities~
We have a very active Scouts BSA (see that? I used the new PC name for Scouts ~formerly known as Boy Scouts of America). Our Pack has weekly meetings. During soccer and baseball season, we almost always have 1-2 nights of games. We only have 2 children in sports. We stopped ballet for now... but looking to restart either this summer or fall. I will have to log here some changes I will have to do, see if they work, then look back  to reassess.  Blogging, you are my therapy and my journal.

Teacher gifts ~
Supporting small businesses, I got the teacher Christmas gifts from Katrina's shop.
For end-of-schoolyear, I got them bookmarks from PinkSaltRiot.

Looking back ~
There's lots of growth this schoolyear. I have a third grade and kindergarten and preschool all moving to the next grade level.

I am ready for summer and the long days. My children are too!

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