sunday famday

// block-heel sandals for stability ~ for all the chasing and walking back and forth to the cry room //

outfit deets~
BR top
pencil skirt, nordstrom rack
LK bennett block heel sandals, similar

Honorable mentions~
Bastian's new kicks, thanks Auntie Feli, Lucy's hand-me-down Toms (remember them worn by ate Isabel?), Isabel's Sophia the First watch c/o Lolo E,

My Take-Home points from this Sunday's Gospel and homily.

Love is more than a feeling. A feeling is fleeting. Love is more than a feeling.

Faith, Hope and Love. Best thing is love. In heaven, there is no need for hope or faith. Because we will be in union with God who is Love.

7 steps of love - by Fr. Roberts

Awareness - awareness of the God who is Love; awareness of his love for us, manifested through Jesus.

Gratitude - by being aware of God, we are acknowledging and thanking him.

Desire - This is not burning passion but it is the desire to please God and therefore desire to do good for others.

Commitment -  commitment is the result of desire. It is the firm intention to follow the ways and teachings of Christ.

Action -  Commitment results in action.

Fruit - our actions deliver fruit. We show Christ to the world therefore others knowing him in return.

Union - Living in love, we are united with God.

// I don't believe in such a thing as TOO many white tops... do you? //

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