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What a beautiful Saturday for Isabel's 6th birthday. It was sunny and warm for a post-Thanksgiving celebration. 6 years ago, I gave birth to my baby girl in a cloudy, misty day. Quite the opposite of the weather we had yesterday. 

I wore this light pink dress. It's thin and suppose to be a spring/summer dress. I wore the gray cardi and gray (workout!) leggings to make my fairy queen mother outfit more autumn appropriate. I was going to wear my angel wings but I could not find them. 

Thank you, sweet friends, for your praises and comments. I wish I truly deserve your praise. But  this party would not have been possible without the help (insert LOTS of help) from my mother, husband and in-laws... and sister for taking the photos during pinata time. I also wish I used the stress as sanctification... instead I raised my voice and I was short-tempered. I was not a sweet, fairy queen mother... I was more like the evil stepmother. 

The majority of the grown-ups had a headache after the party. But the girls had lots of fun! photo diary coming soon!

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  1. I don't for a minute believe you have it in you to be an evil stepmother! Don't be too hard on yourself :) Isabel looks so joyful -- and every bit as beautiful as mom!

  2. Happy birthday to Isabel! I love that pink on you - so pretty :)


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