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Some days, I come home and I take off the imaginary white coat and enter my house, ready to meet my children and just be their mama.

Some days, it's harder to take off that imaginary white coat. Whether that's because I am on-call and I have no choice but to turn on the computer and read an EEG; or I have to answer hospital consults.

Lately, I have been finding myself working more at home. I try not to bring work home because it's hard to write notes at home when kids are screaming and I am feeding the baby.  Before I end my day and leave clinic, orders are put in, calls are made, phone messages are answered. But completing notes, more often than not, gets pushed to the end of the day. When it's 6p and I have to go home, I turn off that work computer and either type notes the next day or "work aka write notes" while children are sleeping.

Sometimes, I just think about those patients that I wished I could have done more.

Blame the postpartum hormones, but I have a harder time distancing my emotions when I see an unpleasant, sad case these days.

It is never easy to give bad news to a family. It is no fun when I make parents cry. It's emotionally draining, when patient after patient all in one clinic day  have poor prognosis.  That's when I come home, ready to take off that imaginary white coat and recharge. Recharge so I am ready to give more of myself to my children and husband. Recharge so on my next clinic, I can put on that white coat again and be a physician.

on a lighter note ~ let's play: spot the difference on these pictures.

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