Lucas @ 6 mos {sqt}

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Long sleeve jumpsuit,  exact one c/o JCP
teether/rattle ~ gift from Auntie Feli, similar
Baby monthly stickers, exact ones
bandana drool bibs, exact ones

1. Happy Half-birthday, Lucas! Lots of people mistake you for an almost one-year old babe. You are a chunker.

2. Stats: Your weight at your 6 mo well child check is 17 lbs 2 oz.  You're still on the 50th percentile. Will you actually stay on the growth curve once you are weaned, unlike you older sibs who are trailing just right below the 3rd%ile line?

3. Solids: We are sharing soft foods with you. You love bananas, tofu, fruit.  I let you try ground turkey. You just spit it out since it did not dissolve so easily. You are opening and closing your fist so I am taking this chance to teach you the "milk" sign.

4. Shoes/Outfits: You are outgrowing the moccassins I got you during the warehouse sale.  A lucky baby will inherit the mocs you've outgrown. You are wearing 9 mo old clothes comfortably. I "sized up" on the snowsuit thinking you will be wearing 9 mos until February. WRONG.

The blowouts are still going strong. I learn not to change your pjs after your morning feeding. Might as well stain the pjs instead of your cute outfits.

5.  Milestones: You are sitting unassisted very well. You roll all over the place and pivot. I love it when you reach for your toes and feet and do the "Happy baby yoga pose."

6. Faves: You love watching your sibs play. You love watching the snow globes glitter.  You also like singing hymns during Mass.  You're too young for screentime, but oh boy, you watch what your sibs are watching.

7. Words from your sibs and papa:
"He's cute."
"I want to sing him songs."
"Slow down with your growth. It's a marathon, not a sprint."

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