two month old Lucas

2 month stats ~
weight 12 lbs 12 oz  -- 75th percentile
length 22.5 inches -- 25th -50th percentile

Lucas continues to be my chunkiest baby. Derrick and I look at each other asking ourselves when did we suddenly have a baby on the 75th percentile? Answer ~ 5th time around!

My children at their heaviest just above 25th percentile as infants. Once they were weaned, they fall off the curve -- below 3rd or just hovering on the 3rd percentile (that last line at the bottom of the growth curve).  Looks like Lucas will stay on the growth curve once he's weaned! yay! let's see if he follows my prediction. So far, this boy has not been like his other sibs. Fifth baby, right?

He is a great baby. He fusses during the usual baby needs: I am wet, I am hungry, I am tired so please hold me... but overall happy and content. He is loved by his siblings who showers (read: smothers) him with hugs and kisses. They all ask to hold the baby.

Things that are different ~
He gave me 4-5 hour stretches as a 1-month old. Now we are  at 5-7 hour stretches (wow. sleeping through the night!)
He cannot wear some 3 month old clothes anymore. This blue top here was what he wore at our family photos when he was 3 weeks old. He cannot wear it anymore, unless I buy these.

Other updates ~
He loves talking to light fixtures.
His laryngomalacia (floppy airway) has pretty much resolved. I can still hear some squeaks every now and then but not all the time anymore.
His neonatal acne is better.
He loves to eat, as evident by his weight!
He loves to take his time when he eats (like my eldest when he was a baby!)

Mama updates ~
I am not as motivated to increase my freezer milk stash. I only have enough for one day. I hope to increase that stash eventually.... Usually by the time I go back to clinic (which btw is my first day today!) I have a liter of breast milk in the freezer. not this time....

I will miss this baby as I am in clinic all day. But then the evening cuddles will be even more special...

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