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Totally unrelated post with this outfit ~

I braved the grocery store the day before coming back to clinic. I thought I was prepared. I had my list ready. I fed the children and nursed the baby. I have been to the store before with four kids. But those four kids were different from the four kids I brought that day. My wild, crazy, active child was not contained anymore. He used to be sitting in the cart while I carried Lucy. Now he had to "move up" the chain. Lucy was in the cart. I did not wear the baby (instead I placed the carrier inside the cart). Isabel and wild-child (you know who) were walking loose.  I had several stares at the store. Mainly looks of fear --  shoppers dreading their safety because a mini-Bruno Mars/sprinter was out in the loose in the store not paying attention to the world around him. He even called the place "a maze!" wrong, wrong! It's a grocery store, not a playground, not a maze. But it sure did look like a maze to a small preschooler.

The baby was fussing but fell asleep (thankfully!) This grocery store has lots of U-scan lanes open but only one with the cashier. I scanned the items and the older two "helped" place the items in the bags. I then remembered, I forgot our reusable bags in the car! But it ended being A-OK. I had to stuff the items around the carseat. I could not do that if I have the bags filled with items.

I am not at all giving up going to the store with my crew. I don't have a choice. It has to be done. I just need to find ways to contain my almost 4 year old. I don't think he will stay in the cart. When school starts, I will only have three. But the three children still involves my active boy. What to do? what to do?! If you have recommendations/suggestions, please let me know.

I don't have to stuff items around the carseat once I am able to wear Lucas. His head control is getting better but he and I still need practice with the sling. It took time with Lucy but babywearing worked out really well for me and Lucy (sling was a lifesaver when we went to the Philippines in February!) If only I could carry my preschooler!

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  1. Going to the store with free range children is so tough!! No tips, just solidarity. :)
    Tim has taken on all the Costco runs which is a huge help for me, and I mainly try to hit the big grocery store trips on the weekends. If I have to go with all 4, I go to store with free cookies. :)


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