our Sunday best in New Buffalo

^my boys

//outfit details//
Top, BR, old. similar here and also here
skirt, Nordstrom Rack in shocking fuschia, similar here
LK Bennett Sandals, my bday gift from hubs
LV crossbody
sunglasses, dottie couture boutique

//on my girls//
matching Gymboree dresses, similar here and also here
Saltwater Sandals for Lucy
Pink mary Janes for Isabel

//on my boys//
polo shirt, Daniel, JCP
polo shirt, Bastian, Janie and Jack
older boys matching shorts, nordstrom rack, similar
polo shirt, Lucas Janie and Jack
shorts, carter's

Whew! Made it to Mass with 5 kids just 2 minutes from the entrance hymn. Church was packed. Ushers led us to the -- you'd guess it! -- the front pew. Overall, I'd give generous Mass grades since I expected the worst. But surprisingly, the only thing stressful was during the Eucharistic Prayer. There was no kneeler. I had to place Lucy down so I can kneel. She lay down on the floor and refused to be picked up. Choir can see her. Priest can see her (for sure!) everybody can see here.

There were no BIG meltdowns or screaming. Even though Lucy was mopping the floor with her hair and dress, she was not very loud actually. She thought she was being cute and funny. Since we were in front, the parishioners taking Communion and passing by us kept Lucy busy.

We have been to this church several times pre-Kids and post-Kids. The last time we were there, we only had 2 kids. So it has been awhile.

The parishioners (mostly older ladies and few men) complimented our family. I was very grateful for their sweet compliments. "You have a beautiful family." "I was one of 10. It's nice to see a big young family." "I have 4 myself. I know what you are going through."

All I could say was: Thank you. 

The church reno is also completed. The altar is so beautiful. Hubs and I went there during construction and then when we had the children with us, Mass was being held at the parochial school. It has been a couple of years since the reno is completed but this was the first time we saw it all.

It was a very lovely weekend in SW Michigan. We had lots of sun ~ my favorite vacation. A photo {dump} diary is in the works.

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  1. You have such a beautiful family!! Thank you for posting about both the joy and challenges of raising a young family. I am a second-year resident with two kids (ages 3 and 1) and deep in the trenches of both residency and motherhood. I have been so very encouraged by your blog. Please keep sharing glimpses into your life. I hope to one day have a big family and have survived my training...you give me hope that it can be done!

    1. Thank you for the comment! I'm encouraged by my readers as well... we are all in this together. I'm praying for you. Residency is tough but it's your chance to learn, learn, learn and push yourself. Good luck!

  2. I love these sweet family pictures! And I really really love Katie's comment above - you are so awesome to keep us updated when I know you're so busy with work 😊 Thank you for representing working moms!!

  3. Super cute outfit!!! And, I am so glad it was a positive Mass experience... I feel so harried when we arrive late. And, happy to hear there were positive compliments - it always is nice when there is (at least) one person to say, "You are doing a good job!"


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