floral + light pink {Sunday Best}

Floral dress, Macy's, exact one
Chanel lambskin, silver hardware, jumbo
similar for a splurge, similar for less (Guess.... DKNY)
Naturalizer sandals, sold out

First Mass as a family of seven. We made it to church 20 minutes before Mass started yippee! Lucas was crying and needed to nurse. I did not want to nurse him at home because it would have taken him 30 minutes which meant we will be late. so we drove the short drive to church and got there with plenty of time to get "settled."

As usual, the fun parent was an usher. 3 out of 5 kids (the ones awake) followed him to greet people. Bastian and Lucas were knocked out. So much for feeding the baby. He fell asleep and slept through the entire Mass.

Lots of well wishers came to say hi and admire the baby. There's something about the sight of the newborn, right? we are reminded of the miracle of life.

On other news, casa disisd updates:
---My closet system is upright. Thanks to muscle men who helped hubs!

---I started staining the one bookshelf we built for the library. I did not like the look of the sunbleached stain. I think the stain will look good on tinier things -- like frames, crates etc. but not big fixtures like a bookshelf. So no more staining with that color. I will paint the bookshelves white instead. When all else fails, go back to white, right?

--- Hubs wants to build the other two bookshelves today. Let's see if baby cooperates and I am not too tired to drill.

Thanks so much to my mom and two friends who have fed our family so far. Thank you! we enjoyed the sinigang, stuffed shells and quiche! We have lasagna waiting for us for Sunday dinner. it's so great to have dinner "ready" when there's no routine at all. During the newborn days, we let the newborn dictate our day.

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  1. It makes such a difference, I think, to get to church a few minutes early! It doesn't always happen with 4 kids!!! Good for you! Love this dress!
    I host a new Sunday link party. I would love to have you link up!!

  2. You look adorable! Snaps for getting to church on time, and congratulations on the new baby!

  3. Love that floral print! And congratulations again on your sweet new baby 😊

  4. Such an adorable dress!! It is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations on the newest little one, and for makinhbit through the first Mass as a family of 7!! May the adjustment go smoothly for all of you. 😊


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