hubs says my outfit is a bit too much {our Sunday Best}

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Long bell sleeve lace blouse, JCPenney, nonmaternity (small)
Skirt, bisou bisou, also JCPenney, non maternity (small)
Chanel jumbo single flap, lambskin
Manolo's in nude, on sale, 2inch or 50 mm heel
Valentino Sunnies, sale on hautelook, similar


39 weeks + 2 days...
that's what that gestational age looks like on ME with baby #5.

I was hoping that this Sunday best post will either be a birth announcement or postpartum outfit. I debated if I should wear this or this or this. Basically the same maternity or nonmaternity third trimester outfits you've seen before on the blog.

I wanted to wear this midi A line skirt with cherries... So cute!
I tried to zip it up -- even placed the waist above the bump and there's no zipping it all the way. forget that skirt, then.

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At that point, I already chose the  lace blouse with long bell sleeves and was committed to it. There's no changing my mind. I quickly looked in my spring haul pile for a skirt that might work and found this pink paisley skirt. I put it over the big bump and voila -- it was tight but I fit in it! You can see the poor skirt stretched to its limits.

I showed hubs and asked what he thinks about the outfit.
He said it's a bit much... granted I was at the top of the stairs and he was down at the first floor. Maybe the bump was overemphasized from his view downstairs???

I was being stubborn. I did not want to look for another ensemble. I did not have to iron this outfit and was pretty happy about that. I also wanted to curl my hair rather than look for another cute outfit... So yup, I asked what his opinion but I did not listen. {sorry, love!}

look at these cuties!!! 

I looked at these photos and saw what he saw. I saw what the rest of the parish saw.
A big pointy belly ready to pop!

A sweet lady talked to me after Mass. She said, I look like I am about ready to deliver... and that she will say a prayer for me this week. I thanked her.

One of the ushers also said hi and said "I look radiant."
well.... well.... it must be the lipstick?
just ignore the pointy belly and the skirt that's riding up, ok.

Speaking of the skirt ~ I thought I busted the seams when I saw the bottom side corners. I did not know that there's that slit style on the sides. Scandalous!

what the children wore
Bastian ~ long sleeve, carters   //    carters pants     //       loafers, hand me downs

Daniel ~  Janie and Jack blazer    // izod khakis       // slip-ons, Shoe carnival, his First Communion dress shoes

Lucy ~ cardigan, UCB, hand me down      //       dress, gift      // lightup sandals, from the Philippines

I admit, the blouse-skirt combo is tight-fitting because I am carrying a full term babe.  Let's just say "I did a Beyonce" at church.

But no worries, y'all. I am back to this dress and wore it for the rest of the day. I went to a kiddie birthday pool party and saved the guest from seeing a third trimester bump because of a two-piece {since none of my one-piece suits fit now or since end of first trimester!}. No traumatizing 3 year old boys and girls and their parents.

Happy Sunday!
I hope my next blog post is a birth announcement.

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  1. You do look radiant! And this last time around I was getting beaten down with every Sunday that arrived at the end of my pregnancy- something about coming up with *another* dressy outfit each week that fit over my belly was mentally exhausting.
    Hope you're able to enjoy this time off work, but I also hope you'll have a birth to announce sooon!

  2. I was reading and after your husband's comment I was like yup you look 40 weeks pregnant but there's no changing that currently! Until that baby is born that is, prayers for a safe delivery.

  3. Oh, I'm glad I read the whole post! I was thinking, "Does she usually wear slits like that? How terrible am I for judging her? I'll bet not everything fits at this point." But since you didn't know, I feel better. Maybe that's what your husband was talking about? Or he doesn't like paisley, in which case I have nothing to work with. Grace and blessings for your delivery!

  4. Ha! Oh goodness, I don't know that there's anything that *isn't* a bit much when you're this pregnant 😂 You bent over to put TWO outfits on - I would have been done, too!! Hope that sweet baby is here soon 😊

  5. You look absolutely beautiful!! Those outfits go exceptionally well together, and you look gorgeous!

    I really dig that skirt... it's so feminine and striking. I'm not the biggest fan in the slits, but my guess is, if you hadn't noticed them before Sunday, they probably are a little more conspicuous when the skirt is hanging off the form.

    Praying for you and Baby!!

    1. I did not see that slits when buying it online or opening the package. I really thought I ripped the seams. Yikes. Without the bump -- at least the slits will be around the knee or below. So maybe less scandalous?


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