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 Dress, ASOS, see bump here compared to today's 30 week + 2 days bump
accessories from Palawan
Cuff bracelet from my Lola W
Prada purse
old flats, zulily
lipstick, in studded kiss

Thankful for this day above 50 degrees. When we were in the Philippines, we missed the 60-70 degree weather. For the past couple of days, there's even flurries in the morning. I thought I won't wear sweater dresses anymore once I get back from the Philippines. My clothes are still in boxes. This one is a repeater because it's on the top. I did not want to keep digging. 
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Our Pastor was speaking to me during the homily this First Sunday of Lent... I need to practice discipline when at Mass. Although I have really busy toddlers and preschoolers, I should start with myself so they can follow and imitate.   

"The mind needs to be calmed before it is capable of receiving the Word of God. If the mind is filled with noise and focused on several things, it cannot receive divine instruction...

... Are we being still at Mass, or are we distracting others? Emergencies happen, but they are rare: toilet time should happen before or after, but not normally during sacred liturgy..."
homily, Fr. Roberts, First Sunday of Lent,

 I need to do better talking with my children during Mass. I sometimes distract other people (pretty sure of it) when I could not handle the fussy toddler. I also give in to the toilet requests of a certain 5 year old. I ask them before leaving the house to go to the potty, but honestly, most of the time, I forget.

Jesus had to practice discipline himself before staring his ministry.  He is God and does not need penance but since he is also human, "he needed to conform his human will to the will of the Father."


Sunglasses via hautelook, Valentino

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  1. Love how put-together, yet comfy, your outfit is! And while I appreciate your Pastor's words, don't be too hard on yourself -- you're already supermom and doing an amazing job!

  2. Love that sweater dress! And oh how I wish my children could practice bathroom discipline at Mass... Why does somebody always have to go during the homily???

  3. That is a beautiful sweater dress!! Love the entire look!

    Isn't it great when we *get* something out of the homily? I think you should get a pass for the 5 year old - before they hit the age of reason (6 or 7 depending on the parish), I think they are excluded from the last minute potty breaks. Just my opinion, though! :-D

    1. Thank you for this. You're right. 5 yo can get a pass :)

  4. Oh, congratulations! I totally missed your announcement in December, but the bump is hard to miss now! You look adorable, and I love that this dress is stylish and serving you through such different stages.


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