weekend recap + Sunday best


 Old Navy sweater dress, similar... this one is maternity.
VS pink leggings
Old Navy sparkly shoes, old, this in gold
Prada handbag
lipstick in rebel



Lovely date night with hubs Sat night. We used our auction winnings from the Epilepsy Gala that benefitted the Epilepsy Foundation of Indiana. I wanted to go to see the Russian Ballet. He wanted to see some Irish group... we compromised on the Shaolin Warriors. Mainly because all our other Saturdays are busy.

Dress, Missguided, I could not find mine but this one is cute!
Jimmy Choo, suede heels, mine were on sale via net-a-porter!
lipstick, studded kiss
faux fur vest, hautelook, similar



some more expensive Jimmy's

here are other options, for less than $100!

Gucci Marmont

These are for fraction of the cost!

we have also made some progress here in the Casa.
the pod is completely empty! yipppeee! that meant more boxes to put away... when we already have lots of boxes still lying around.

We also made our first tower for my closet. I wish we could have finished 2. But it's hard when children are calling your name.

 I am still hopeful this closet will be finished before baby arrives

 there's still lots of lumber outside the room, unassembled...


Hubs and I took the younger three to watch Beauty and the Beast. Sebastian loved it! Isabel -- well, no surprise that she loved  it. Lucy, on the other hand, lost interest (as expected) somewhere around the second half hour and was all over the dirty theater floor.. eeeekkkkk....

they did not have a B&B lifesize poster... so Lego Batman, it is. Per kids' request

 So thankful for the weekend. I worked lots this past week. I haven't had a busy week like that in the consult service. People asked how I was doing. Honestly, during pregnancy, I feel pretty good *except for the first trimester for baby D5. All in all,  I did not mind working. My mind is still pretty sharp. As long as I am hydrated and fed, my bump does not bother me.

Postpartum is a different story.  Those first few weeks back at work -- I am sluggish, slow to think and process stuff. Lack of sleep? All that energy sent to my breasts to make milk instead of think? Hormonal and emotional?

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  1. Your Sunday outfit is adorable! I love how you used the shoes as a focal point for your outfit, so the basics don't seem so "basic," you know? I also like that you turned your balcony seats into an excellent photo op.

  2. Cute outfit! Love the bag.

  3. Can't believe you're still managing shoes like that while pregnant! My body totally can't handle heels when I'm expecting... You look great!


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