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It's time for Sunday Best, more  iphone photos next to the door and wall socket. I love our new house. But I haven't found a good outfit background wall yet. There are bare walls everywhere. Problem is there's always an annoying socket visible in the picture.
Now that it's brighter later at night, I will be using more natural light and outside backdrop -- which I prefer. 
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bracelet from the Philippines^


we have the best intentions to start our beginner wood working project (beginner but it's huge!) because it's my closet room. we bought the lumber Friday night and left the cut list. we were told it will take 24 hours because we asked for more than 10 cuts. Sat night, during Vigil Mass, I missed a call from the hardware store but no message left. I called back and it was the customer service lady I spoke with not the lumber guy. She confirmed my order and that it was ready. 
It was already 8p when we finished dinner. We decided to pick up the lumber Sunday morning. 
Come Sunday morning, today, we made it out by 10:45a (silly spring forward, start of DST). I decided to shop for items on my list first, before looking for the lumber associate. bad move.

It was 11:35a by the time we went to the lumber section. The guys could not find our lumber. They said to wait for a few more minutes because the associate who called last night is coming in. Few minutes later, we found out that the call made was because they could not understand my cut list. Boo! (why didn't the Friday night associate say something???) we also only paid for 5 sheets of 3/4" plywood... when we need 6-7 sheets. Hence they did not start the cutting process yet because they knew we needed more but haven't paid for all of it. 

 Soooooo.... we okay'ed the extra 2 sheets. Gave the go signal to start cutting the lumber. Then we also found out that all that time we took looking for straight 2x2's was a waste because they put the lumber back in the stack! Boo again! we would have started looking for our 2x2'and 2x4's while the guy was ripping the plywood to make good use of our time.... instead we had to look for the rest of the materials after they told us they don't have our pile. 

The children at this point were going crazy... and hungry. 
we were at the hardware store for close to 3 hours. After paying, we (meaning hubs) still had to tie down all the lumber in the SUV. With the 2x4 x 12 feet sticking out.  Good thing we don't live far.  
^i love a good eBay win


So what did we really accomplish this weekend?
we may not have started on my closet room BUT --
-- I finished painting the cabinets and drawers in the first floor full bathroom.
-- which meant, I was able to finally empty all those toiletries boxes and place everything in the drawers/cabinets.
-- the kitchen is somewhat cleared of clutter (not fully there yet).
-- children's clothes are out of the boxes and in their closets and dressers.
--laundry (not really a house update but hey it's a household chore!)
-- we have all of the lumber and tools upstairs. now, I have to sand the wood and practice using my Kreg Jig.
-- we moved the table, chairs and bench for the kitchen which I scored via craigslist and offerUp. these will be the projects for the following weeks. I want to paint these eventually.

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photos by my 7 and 5 yo

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  1. Such a cute dress! We have no blank walls anywhere here... I just have cluttered backgrounds always! Mom life ;) Hope your project goes well now that you have the right materials!!

  2. Your outfit is adorable, and hats off to you and your family for surviving three hours in a hardware store! I struggle with an hour by myself; I would be under a rock with kids in tow for three hours!

  3. Wow, I am in awe of all your projects!! And boo to the hardware store for not bothering to leave a message- communication, people.
    Loving the house updates, and such a cute dress!


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